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Grout 101 –

Sanded vs. Unsanded Grout

Sanded grout is required for grout spacing larger than 1/8”.  Unsanded grout is used for grout spacing smaller than 1/8”. We recommend using SANDED grout for our mosaics and field tiles.

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Choosing a Color

If your backsplash is monochromatic and/or neutral in color (black, white, grey) you’ll probably want to go with a black, white, or grey grout color.  If your backsplash is colorful, a neutral grout works just fine but you might want to go with a tinted grout that plays to the warm or cool tones of the tile.

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Choosing a Shade

After you’ve chosen whether you’ll be using a tinted or neutral grout, you’ll want to select a shade: Light, Medium, or Dark.  Consider how much contrast you would like in the overall piece.  If your tiles are a high contrast blend, we recommend a medium grout to bring out the dark and light colors in the tile.  Above are examples of a monochromatic blend, a neutral blend, and a high contrast blend in light, medium, and dark grout colors.  You can see how grout color and shade affects the tile!