Our Design Process

Design & ball park budgeting

What are you inspired by? Is there an existing project of ours you’ve seen that you want to build inspiration from? Something on our website? We are known for our excellent customer service and would love to work with you to design your project until you absolutely fall in love.


Basic components to work with:

Colors, Textures? (spices it up, adds a unique quality. In moderation of course!) Tile and or mosaic shapes What space? Measurements. Details: trim? Edge finishes?

Specific design and detailed budgeting

We’ve nailed down basic design elements already and now you’ve had a chance to look over the first round of designs and budgets. Here we refine the design and edit the budget.

Final Finishes

We identify the last details: Trim (if needed) Bull nose or edge-glazing (if needed) Templates for custom layouts Tight timeline planning Organizing deposit logistics to get project started.