How it's Made

Handmade tile—how does it all work? We broke down our process step by step with some visuals and a brief explanation. Here’s a headache-free look at how it all works.


Once a design has been approved, our tile elves get to work on your order. We create each tile by hand from start to finish, beginning with a box of solid clay cut down to your specific tile and mosaic shapes.

One unique thing about handmade tile is that we can add texture to any tile! Take a look at the various textures we have to offer.


After the clay has dried, mosaic tiles are brushed with glaze. Field Tiles are bisqued (baked in the kiln without glaze), and then glazed. Choosing your colors is an essential part of the design process, and can change your project drastically depending on what clay body is used, and how much variation is in the glaze.


After the glaze has dried, the tile is loaded into the kiln where it is fired at nearly 2000˚ – THAT’S HOT! It takes roughly 8 hours for the tiles to bake in the kiln.


Once the tiles have cooled, the elves move onto layout and assemble the mosaics on a mesh backing. If you live in the area, come on over to our studio and see your project in the works! We might even put you to work…


Mosaics & Field tiles are carefully packed away and shipped with the trusty shipper. If it is a local order in town, we’ll call you when ready for pick up.