Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you mean by handmade tile?

This means that we make all of our tile with our own hands from start to finish.  Our clay starts out in 25 pound blocks, which we then squeeze thin and cut down into all of the shapes you see.  From there we glaze the tile with paintbrushes.  Once they are glazed, we load them into our kilns to fire—this is what creates all of the beautiful colors you see.  Once all of our tiles have gone through the kiln, we lay them out according to each projects specific design and layout.  Then, we ship them off to you!  So you see, we do every step of our process with real people.  No machines here!

How It's Made

Where do I start?

Contact us! We’ll guide you through the whole process and tell you what’s next!

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Do I need to order a minimum amount of tile?

No way! No tile order is too small or unimportant for us to make.

What if I don’t know what I want?

That’s okay! Our amazing designers will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. We offer a variety of design services that are very inexpensive—it’s our way to ensure we gain your trust and you LOVE the project you’re doing.

What if I want a shape or color that I don’t see?

Tell us. One of the great things about handmade tile is the level of customization you can do. We love experimenting with new colors and shapes, so we’re always up to any challenge.

Is your tile safe for outdoor use?

We can make tile for both indoor and outdoor use.

How much is your tile?

Please see our pricing page for typical pricing ranges. Because of the custom nature of every project, in order to get an accurate estimate of how much your project will cost you should contact us so we can give you an accurate estimate for your project.


Where/How do you ship?

We ship via our trusty shipping sources and can ship ground and freight, so we can ship anywhere in the world!

How is the tile laid out? How will it arrive?

This all depends on your project. Generally we glue and lay out mosaics on mesh-mounting, which we then cut down and create a map so your installer has an easy time putting it together. Field tiles are usually sent loose, however if you have a very custom layout, we can lay these on mesh-mounting as well. This is determined on a project to project basis. But all of your tile will be securely packed in boxes and arrive to you ready to be installed!

What is your lead time?

Inquire with us to find out our current lead times, as they are subject to change.

How to install

Step by step instructions for how to install your tile project.

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